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Record of The Grand Ceremony of MLD in 2017


The year of 2016 has passed and the year of 2017 is approaching. The grand ceremony of Minglida Precision Machinery Co., LTD in 2017 was held on January 7 in No.1 Bolang North Street, Fugang, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City as scheduled. The big family of MLD was gathered with the domestic and foreign friends and partners to spend the wonderful time.

The grand ceremony is divided into two parts: the first half is the activity time of the Heyday Carnival (15:00-18:00) and the second half is the annual feast and the evening party time (18:00-22:30).

On entering the gate of MLD, the guests first saw a huge LED screen that gave a real-time live broadcasting of the entire evening party, which embodied the open and tolerant corporate culture of MLD. The carnival activities mainly learned from the traditional Chinese market and arranged 18 spaces to reflect the 12 DIY of Chinese style: “sugar-coated haws, popcorn, fan painting, Chinese facial makeup, silk flower, folded paper fan, Chines knot, paper-cut, dough figurine, sugar painting, marshmallow, paper lantern” and six foreign DIY “dance mask, painting egg, small photo frame, powder painting, sand painting and greeting card” on the honor wall of “12 twelve animals & annual representatives in the past” and “12 constellations & representatives in 2016”. There was also the activity of guessing the lantern riddles. All the guests could enjoy the above activities for free. The guests could eat while enjoying the passionate performance of the foreign bands on the spot under the warm sunshine. The pictures of guests who showed joyful smiles were the most real and the most perfect witness of this unforgettable ceremony.


The evening party programs on the annual feast in the second half were grand and significant. The programs were creative and filled with positive energy. Therefore, all the guests thought highly of this evening party; they were busy capturing each moving scene with their cellphones and shared the photos with their friends in WeChat!

The entire evening party started with the New Year speech of the president Mr. Tao Cheng. The speech of President Tao was passionate and appealing. All the guests listened to the touching stories about his pioneering business for the first time in a close range and his perpetual pursuits--to serve the nation with industries, turn manufacturing to smart manufacturing and a beautiful life. MLD has undergone ups and downs for 12 years, which bears all his emotions besides his family. It has achieved something at present.

12-year hardships, 12-year efforts and 12-year perseverance lead to 12-year development. Reviewing the past courses, MLD has developed from a brave warship 12 years ago to the strong joint aircraft carrier that owns 8 warships and consists of multiple business divisions. In the past 12 years, MLD has maintained the healthy, good, steady and sustainable development momentum. These achievements are the results of the collective wisdom, sweat and dedication of all the staffs, which fully show the pioneering spirits and struggling styles of the company staffs and reflect the harmony and progress of staffs and the enterprise. These achievements also contain the sweat of the board of directors of the company, the difficulties of the management board and embody the relentless pursuits and efforts of all the colleagues.

Finally, President Tao sent his feelings of the New Year and wishes to the new and old friends, hoping that all the colleagues could splendor together!

The evening party commended the excellent management cadres and staffs that had excellent performances in the 12-year course of the company and in 2016. They spared no efforts to dedicate their own youth and wisdom, thus making huge contributions to the company with their own endeavors; they were the models for all the other staffs.

The programs of the evening party this year were also excellent. Besides the fashionable and exotic foreign dances and band programs that continued from the previous years, the dance People Paddling to Set Sail performed by the 15 members of the management board was also exciting, marking that MLD, this huge wheel would continue moving ahead with their joint efforts. Then President Tao sang the song The Cost of Love, which was quite lifelike, for the song contained his difficult pioneering experiences. The dance King Gathering Men for A Roll Call led by President Tao showed the mien of the leader, which was rather splendid; the audience kept cheering for them.

Two specially invited guests Zhong Sujuan and Ding Youyou came to participate in the evening party, thus making the atmosphere of the entire evening party grander. The alumni of President Tao issued the passionate greetings, thus boosting the evening party to the client. All the people were excited and the dreamy sail of MLD would drive faster! The inflectional three-paragraph poetic texts “sailing-waving-drawing alongside”, truly showing that MLD has been determined to sail and drive in the 12 years, which was quite motivating and inspiring. And in the current days when the manufacturing industry faces so many challenges and the market competition is so cruel, we will continue moving ahead steadily. As the old saying goes that “with firm strides, we are crossing its summit”, we will make a brand-new world for expanding the new market in 2017. The bells of the new year are the appeals of sailing and the exciting horns. Those who are capable stand at the tide head when the wind blows and it sets sail. The forward horns have been blown and our huge wheel has set sail. At this moment, we have to work shoulder to shoulder, cooperate together, exert the utmost efforts, aim higher and farther to make the next chapter of MLD more splendid!


Another highlight of the evening party was the exciting lottery activity and red envelope on WeChat. It included eight lotteries and three red envelopes on WeChat. The guests enjoyed the delicious feast while waiting for the awards, which was quite busy and interesting. The entire evening party lasted for over four hours. Finally, the evening party drew the curtain with the sounds of the beautiful melody Song of Peony. The entire evening party achieved great success.

The honors have been past. Looking ahead, we still have a long way to go. In the new year, there are new hopes and objectives. In 2017, the company will conduct comprehensive integration: internally, seize quality, efficiency and cost, encourage innovation, enhance the development strength of new products and learn from the management fruits of the successful enterprises so as to better improve the company’s competitiveness and lay foundation for the company development; externally, the management staffs should go to the front lines of the market and seek for larger development space and improve the ability of defending against the market risks. In the future development, the company will place the strategic intention of talent development to the most important place; it is dedicated to providing boarder and better career development platform for colleagues. We will actively guarantee the talent echelon construction, conduct accurate recruitment and go-out recruitment. Meanwhile, we welcome more ambitious staffs with industry experience to the big family of MLD, thus injecting better, stronger and more vivid vitality for the future development, making MLD keep expanding and developing in the future heated market competition, progress in explorations and sublimate in practice so as to realize our joint ideal: being stronger, bigger and longer!

The company hopes that all the staffs continue to aim high, strive to make progress, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, pursue excellence and carry forward our spirit of “never stopping” so as to start another new journey! We should try to make the huge wheel of MLD drive faster, better and farther, thus creating a more splendid new 12 years!