Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Opening Ceremony of Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd.


One yuan starts again, everything is renewed! On January 12, 2018, Sichuan Minglida Science and Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened in the vanguard District of Guang'an City, Sichuan Province. Minglida's important customers, leaders of Guang'an Forward District and representatives of management and staff of Minglida Group and relevant special invited guests attended the ceremony.

Therefore, in order to meet the annual compound growth rate of more than 80%, we have completed the layout of manufacturing bases in South China, Yangtze River Delta and Southwest China. Sichuan Manufacturing Base will also focus on automotive parts, new energy and security related industries to carry out, to provide our customers with satisfactory products!

Opening show

Mr. Tao Cheng, Chairman of Minglida, delivered a speech to thank our customers for their support, the leaders of the vanguard district government for their help to the company, all Minglida people for their efforts, the policies of the ry and the good environment for promoting enterprise investment and development. At the same time, we are encouraged to strive for happiness! 


The leaders of the district government delivered a speech to express their warmest congratulations on Minglida's official opening. 

Our customers, government leaders and senior management held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Dance performance

The band welcomes customers and government leaders to visit factories

Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened a new chapter in the new year! For the die casting industry, we have a sense of mission and responsibility on our shoulders! We will unswervingly promote the construction of industrial intelligence and industrial informatization, provide customers with efficient and sophisticated products, and contribute our due strength to the dream of building a strong ry by wisdom! Industry has always been Minglida people's greatest wish and sincere original intention!
--Don't forget the beginning, keep going!

Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd.