Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Social commonweal

Behavior of social responsibility

1. Employment Policy

1) MLD commits that no child labor under 16 years will be hired, and Protective Program for Juvenile Employee will be formulated to ensure the legal rights and interests of hired Juvenile Employees as well as their healthy development of body and mind;

2) MLD commits that no discrimination against the nationality, region, race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, political status (including the union members, political parties, etc.), age, religion, disability, etc.;

3) MLD commits that there will be any form of physical punishment, sexual harassment, spiritual harassment, abuse;

4) MLD promises to authorizing the rights of unstructured bargaining and collective bargaining, setting up the management procedures of Suggestions Box, complaint, Trade Union Organization and the electoral procedure of worker's representatives;

5) MLD promises to enhance the system implementation of stagger holidays to ensure the physical and psychological health of workers according to the social responsibility requirements;

6) Pay the wages and welfare regularly.

2. Health and Safety:

1) MLD will offer the healthy and safe working place and rest area (dormitory, canteen) according to the related laws and regulations, which shall at least ensure the reasonable acquisition of drinking water, health facility, fire safety and sufficient lighting and ventilation;

2) MLD will assess and identify the factor which may influence the health and safety of workers (namely, environmental risk assessment), timely improve the operating environmental conditions, and reduce the occurrence of occupational accidents and occupational diseases;

3) MLD will carry out the inspection and assessment of the hazard factors of occupational diseases for the working place featured with strong noise, high temperature and dust and carry out the physical examination for occupational diseases;

4) MLD has formulated and built the standard system for the safe production to assess the safety factors of the enterprise and eliminate the hidden dangers;

5) MLD has been carrying out the 7S activities, weekly inspection and assessment and monthly bonus;

6) MLD sticks to improve the prevention and control consciousness of all staff, and build the attendance management and access management system.

3. Environmental Protection:

1) Energy conservation & environmental protection are the inherent social responsibility of all people in the earth. Every effort made by MLD is to make the sky bluer, water greener, land greener and better life for human being. REWATT- Create the sustainable energy, build the pollution free future.  

2) MLD commits that all business operation activities will follow the local laws and regulations related to environmental protection, and try to reduce the influence on the environment, including the application of environmental protection materials, waste reduction and enhanced recycling utilization;

3) MLD has been carrying out the activities of energy saving & consumption reduction by taking such measures as implementing the QCC improvement activities, applying the advanced management method to reduce the emissions (waste water, waste gas and noise);

4) High-temperature control

4. Other Regulations

MLD commits that it will comply with all related laws and regulations, including the manufacturing, pricing, sales and marketing.

5. Ethics:

1) MLD will highly adhere to the commercial ethics, reject any kinds of corruption, absolutely acceptance of bribes, racketeering, misappropriation of public funds, and all staff will sign the Staff Integrity Commitment Letter when being hired officially;

2) The suppliers shall also ensure that their suppliers will follow the regulations without violation.

6. Supplier Management:

MLD will try their best to carry out the business with the sub-contractors and suppliers who strictly comply with the International Bill of Human Rights and environmental laws and regulations. MLD commits that it will supervise the performance of corporate ethics of suppliers, and will take measures to solve the problems arising from the performance in a rapid and thorough way.

7. Public Welfare Establishments:

Taking the mission of being an excellent enterprise citizen, supporting the public education, and meeting the customers' requirements, enriching the staff, benefiting the shareholders, feeding back to the society, MLD has been actively devoted to the public education, at the same time, MLD positively takes care of the charity by taking the duty of serving the society.