Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Social commonweal

MLD staff and officers positively participated in the unpaid blood donation activities for passing love and devoting inheritance

In order to release the stressed blood sources in summer in Dongguan, MLD organized all staff to carry out the unpaid blood donation activities at the gate of MLD factory in the morning of May 25, 2016 by positively responding to the calling of local government and Ministry of Health. After a series of professional health examination, there were 100 employees qualified for blood donation, with the total amount of successful blood donation for 20,000mL. On the day of blood donation activity, there were also staff from surrounding enterprises and pedestrians participated.




For most staff participating the blood donation, it was the first time to donate. In fact, under the organization and arrangement of Administration and HR Department, all staff orderly lined up for registration, physical examination, blood test, blood drawing, and the blood donation activity was successfully carried out under the mutual encouragement, which released the tense atmosphere. Some staff failing to meet the requirements of blood donation positively served as a good logistics service personnel and took good care of the staff who donated the blood by working both in vehicle for blood donation and the rest area.

Blood donation is the most valuable gift for life! Harvest the happiness upon dedicated to the society! From the smile of staff who donated the blood, we can also feel their true honor, who showed their love via blood donation, who were the ordinary hero. In fact, there are many other ordinary heroes, let us salute the dedicated and worshipful heroes!



After the blood donation activity, MLD was honored with the title of "Local Advanced Enterprise of Unpaid Blood Donation".


MLD has always been dedicated to the social responsibility, keen on the all kinds of public welfare establishments, at the same time, MLD also encourages staff to display socialist humanitarianism, charity and dedication and give a helping hand when there is a need. At present, many staff have donated for more than 1,000mL accumulatively, and we will pass down the love and passion of MLD Staff by carrying out the practical actions and actively shoulder up the social responsibility!