Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Social commonweal

All MLD staff actively participated in the "National Fitness- 10,000 Climbers Competition for Climbing the Guanyin Mountain"

On August 7, 2016, MLD management center reasonably organized this activity by taking the advantage of the weekend.



On the day of the competition, numerous sportsmen in Pearl River Delta were attracted to take part in it, as well as over ten thousand citizens, and even more, Yang Yilin, the team champion of women's gymnastics in 2008 Olympic Games, appeared on the scene, who fired the gun for the beginning of the competition.

There will be one large-scale climbing activity every year after the first Dongguan National Fitness - 10,000 Climbers Competition successfully held by New Express, Dongguan Sports Bureau and Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park in 2009. Now the Dongguan 10,000 Climbers Competition has developed to be the Brand Climbing Activity in Guangdong Province and the focus of attention from all sectors in Dongguan, which has provided a good communication platform for all mountaineering enthusiasts and has gradually developed to be the important platform for national fitness promoted in Dongguan. During the competition, the Sponsor will prepare the mystical grand prize for the mountaineering athletes.

For this competition, we value the participation of all people, at the same time; we will pass down this competition spirit to more colleagues, and lead them to participate in the national fitness campaign.

Next year, we will come prepared.