Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Social commonweal

Hold the parties of "To be with Guanyi"- 2016 socialist core values going to grassroots unit series activity

On August 26, 2016, the artistic performance of "To be with Guanyi"- 2016 socialist core values going to grassroots was successfully held in MLD.


Both the president and leaders of all departments paid great attention to this party, proposed all departments to take an active part in it, and made reasonable arrangement and deployment for production works in advanced, which can a relaxed environment for enjoying this party. On that day, the party was held as scheduled even though there was a rain, which presented the spirits of MLD Staff - working in all weathers and hard work and enduring hardship!

There were splendid dancing & singing performances, acrobatic performance, what kind of a feast for the eyes. Employees said that these programs were close to life as well as delivering the positive energy, which can offer them with joys in the busy works for relaxing. It was quite beneficial from both the splendid programs and the culture of Dongguan and Qingxi.

There was also interactive section for winning the prize, which can make the socialist core value further rooted in the minds of all people under the grand prizes carefully prepared by MLD. The whole party was featured with entertainment and edutainment, which aroused the strong resonance by teaching through lively activities.

During the party, there was also the section of sharing the growth story of the needy staff, at the same time, the leaders gifted the condolence payments to them, which made us feel the ubiquitous warmth once again.

The activities of "To be with Guanyi"- socialist core values going to enterprises not only came into the enterprise, but also came into MLD, which not only showed the splendid cultural performances, but also improved the cultural quality.