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Social commonweal

Fire drill

On September 6, 2016, 16:00 pm, the Administration and HR Department carefully prepared the Fire drill in the whole plant, which was featured with good planning, well preparation and excellent disciplines, under the cooperation of the Equipment Department and other departments. This drill was made to improve the overall level of emergency in emergency circumstances, enhance the coordinate ability with different departments, promote the safety awareness, learn about the varieties of fire extinguisher and the application method of common fire equipment, improve the ability of escaping and self-rescue in emergency circumstances.



The application method of extinguishers, means of escape, alarming method and other key information was mainly introduced in this fire drill, as well as practicing the application of extinguishers. All colleagues took active part in learning and on-site practicing.

Finally, the leaders spoke highly of this drill, and the similar operational training would be carried out successively, which will involve in all aspects of arrangement, production and technology.