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Social commonweal

Reconstruction of Beautiful Xiamen after Disaster - Be together with the soldiers and us

On September 23, 2016, MLD carefully organized the Group Tour to Xiamen again.

This tour reflected the gratitude and feedback of MLD staff to the society, and the enterprise spirit and power to assist the post-disaster reconstruction of Xiamen after "Meranti". We have carried out the principle of happy travelling and civilized travelling, and we also paid attention to the post-disaster reconstruction of Xiamen from time to time. For example, we would clear all tree branches blown off by the typhoon which may influence the traffic, to make it safe and convenient for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as doing what we can do to eliminate the hidden dangers.

Our tour guide, a native Xiamen inhabitant, with the nickname of "Black Duck", who was so simple and honest, humorous and talkative one, wrote that "thank you for your contribution to the post-disaster reconstruction of Xiamen! You are the first people who touch me after so many years of guide career. Thank you for delivering the positive energy by all friends from MLD" in his WeChat on September 25, which shall be his sincere feeling.