Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Social support

Positively implement the activities to condole the needy staff

On August 26, 2016, during the parties of "To be with Guanyi"- 2016 socialist core values going to grassroots unit series activity, the leaders of MLD Group awarded consolation money to the needy staff Wang Hu.

Let's share the personal growth story of Wang Hu:

Wang Hu, coming from Nanyang, Henan, was born in a poor single parent family. His mother was dead when he was 8 years old, leaving a two-year-old younger sister. However, Wang Hu has an ordinary, but great father. His father raised up Wang Hu and his younger sister by playing the role of both a father and a mother after enduring all kinds of hardships.

The two kids - brother and sister finished their education depending on the money earned by his father by working from dawn to night, the subsidiary of the government, the assistance of relatives and friends, all tuition wavier by school and their own part-time-work and part-time-study.

At present, his father strokes at home all the year around.

Wang Hu is a studious and aspirant staff. Since entering into MLD on November 20, 2013, Wang Hu was promoted from a grassroots molder to the head of molding assembly group, and further promoted to be the engineer of molding process by now in only three years, who presents us with the present achievement through his own unyielding efforts.

Wang Hu has learned gratitude early in his childhood and has always been practicing the gratitude. At home, he is an obedient child and shows the gratitude to his father's for his instruction. He saves money by stinting himself, but pays RMB 2,000 from his own wage every month to the nurse who is responsible for taking care of his father. For his younger sister, he is a good brother, and interdependence from the childhood has taught him to know how to be close and care the relatives, colleagues and friends!

In MLD, he shows gratitude to the company which provides the growth platform for him, the achievement of enrichment, practice and promotion of the busy work, as well as the loving care and instructions from the company's leaders and colleagues. He is proud of being a qualified MLD Staff in the sweet and warm family of MLD.

He is always optimistic, actively helps and enlightens the needy colleagues around both during work and in spare time, and brings sunshine, confidence and good influence to the people around.

He is the MLD Staff who is ordinary but full of sunshine and positive energy! We need more and more good examples with positive energy just like Wang Hu!