Core Values

Centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run

Outstanding Manufacturer of Guangdong Province


In 2016, 85 companies were named "Outstanding manufacturing enterprise of Guangdong Province in 2016". MLD, since 2014, has been awarded this honor for three consecutive years, which undoubtedly affirmed MLD's industry status. The certificate by the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Development Association reflects MLD's overall strength in the industry and market, its prospects for the development of common good.

The ion criteria stated that MLD "has a strong market competitiveness in the transformation, upgrading,  production and management. Work performance is outstanding, and in this industry on a very advanced level. The industry-driven ability for green and intelligent manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, global manufacturing, service and other aspects have a significant effect on the focus on corporate culture, and actively protect the implementation of employee safety and welfare. The internal labor relations are harmonious and stable. Enterprises have a good reputation, and actively assume social responsibility, as well as participation in charitable contributions and related social welfare undertakings".