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MLD obtained the title of "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry" against



In this golden autumn, MLD was once again awarded with the title of 2016 "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry", which has been successively awarded with this title since 2014 for three times. All the top 500 enterprises in the list are the main enterprises in Guangdong manufacturing industry, with strong influence both in domestic and abroad.

☆ Stronger strength of top 500 enterprises in this year

The top 500 enterprises in this year are ranked comprehensively according to the enterprise operation capacity, finance and R&D innovation. This rank is promoted steadily in scale, quality and benefit, and the influence in domestics and abroad is also enlarged continuously.

☆ MLD with the proud operating performance

According to the operating performance in 2015, MLD won the proud performance, with the robust growth of sales amount under the joint effort of all MLD staff. Along with the rapid growth of performance, MLD also strengthens the R&D investment strength and keeps improving the technical innovation ability constantly. So far, MLD has been authorized with 60 new patents and 15 invention patents in total.

☆ Constant and intensive cultivation of 6 modules

After 12 years of development, DML has developed into the one-stop solution provider for 7 major structural components including die casting, CNC, precision molding, plastics, extrusion, stamping and forging. Among these business modules, MLD makes intensive cultivation continuously, develops the existing industry and customers longitudinally and horizontally and increases product categories.

☆ Continuous promotion of core competitiveness

MLD fully utilizes its own advantages in technology, talent and resources, integrates resources effectively, grasps the market opportunity rapidly and correctly, develops the new-energy electric automotive field with full power, promotes the development of MLD at the top speed under the support of the steady growth strength of new energy, and realizes leap-style development at each year.

☆ Present and future of MLD

With regard to the future of MLD, the President Tao Cheng made the following statement:

MLD has a good starting point, and it has undergone 12 years since foundation, and it is now faced with the critical stage of second venture. To realize the century development, we need an attitude of restarting, which means to throw away the burdens in the past, then inherit, transform, innovate and do something totally different from before. We must find our own precise positioning, build our own clear strategic objectives and formulate a series of strategic actions and match the strategy with appropriate strategic executors. We must vigorously promote the enhancement mode that takes customer and cost as the orientation, establish an efficient management team, strengthen innovation driving, intelligent transformation and internal basic management, refine the management, make the process effective and efficient and meet the rapid development need of company.

Meanwhile, we should also focus on the resource wasting behaviors in MLD. When mentioning this point, the President Tao Cheng mentioned himself firstly: So far, I often go out for business individually. Once someone asked me, "You have an enterprise with the employee of 1,500, why not appoint somebody to help you, even if carrying the baggage for your". I said, "It is a kind of wasteful. One more staff means the charges for the ticket and accommodation will be increased. If I stay for 7 days, I will pay double costs for 7-day rents for the staff." I think this is the benefit, if we can earn one more for the company, we should save it and distribute it to our staff. Isn't it better? Isn't the purpose of enterprise operation to offer every valuable staff a comfortable and good life?

We need the spirit of living plainly and working hard for a long time. Both business and work require perseverance, and our effect will be significant only when we stepping on the right road with diligence toward a right direction!

Upon the year that MLD has founded for 12 years, 41-year old Tao Cheng put forward the slogan of "new starting point, new journey" of 2016, which advocated all MLD staff to stand steadily and walk smoothly and far from now on, because the target will be closer and closer in this way!  

On the 2016 Top 500 Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises Summit, facing the theme of "Innovation and Transformation-Promoting Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprise to Develop Toward High-end, Intelligent and Green Strategy", Tao Cheng, the President of MLD, stated his original view on how does the manufacturing industry achieve innovation driving and transformation driving:

1) Manufacturing is the pillar of the real economy, the basis of the national economy. MLD insists on serving the ry with the industrial development, developing and revitalizing the national manufacturing industry!

2) Innovation is the new driving force of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Dongguan, as the world's manufacturing city, has always attached great importance to the development of the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry. Today, Dongguan is faced with a new scene of the transformation and upgrading, with vigorously promoting the independent innovation and vigorously developing the advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

Under the new normal, we should actively develop the advanced assembly manufacturing, innovate and develop steadily, take the initiative to participate in new industrialization and information technology construction, leading enterprises to upgrade successfully. At the same time, speed up reform and innovation, continue to strengthen innovation-driven, promote industrial upgrading, with social responsibility in mind to improve the future competitiveness of enterprises!

Top 500 enterprises witnessed the growth of MLD, showing the advanced experience of MLD.MLD will continue to set a good example for the Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises, and to make new contributions to economic development of Guangdong province!