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MLD 2017 annual target management conference was held successfully


On 4th March 2017, Minglida group had hold the 2017 annual business target conference at office building 1st meeting room. On that day, MLD general manager Mr. Tao and all business units and functional Dept managers attended the meeting together.

At conference, GM Mr. Tao led all management attendance signed off “MLD 2017 target liability statement”and made a oath that we must reach 2017 annual business target.

GM Mr. Tao stated that in 2016, even under global downturn economic background, we  MLD still made great progress. So in 2017, we need to make continuous improvements and efforts to reach our target. As long as the company gain profit, our relative welfare and incentive system will be considered accordingly.

Break the eggs from inside to outside represents life, but from inside extroversion make them into food. So it is with the enterprise. Only when we break out on our own, we can be the real giant among competitors. Our company annual business target just like a play, and all management will be the protagonist. MLD 2017 annual target achievement depends on hard work of each protagonist.

“Let’s roll up our sleeves and work with added energy in 2017. I believe with the wisdom and efforts of MLD whole team, we will win success finally. “ Mr. Tao said that.

All relative Dept heads and direct supervisors signed off the 2017 annual business target liability statement separately.

Oath-taking ceremony, We must achieve our annual business target in 2017.