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Focus on Seiko Zhi Ming, Ming Lida invites you to visit us in Hanover!


The Hannover Messe, the flagship expo in the field of industrial trade, the world's largest and most professional technology sector, will be held at the Hanover Exhibition Center in Germany on April 24-28, 2017. The exhibition was first held in 1947, and since then for 70 times.

On this occasion, Minglida invites you to visit our industrial parts and sub-contracting technology on the 4th exhibition area F66-2 / 3 booth!

Introduction to MLD
Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Minglida Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-of-the-art high-tech enterprise, one of the outstanding enterprises in Guangdong Province, focusing on intelligent, flexible, automated production lines. We are committed to creating a domestic first-class die-casting supply chain, the world's leader in lightweight aluminum and zinc alloy parts as well as other supporting services.


For over 13 years, we adhere to the quality of ingenuity of manufacturing. Customer satisfaction stands at more than 98%, with 20 global 500 testimonies, 5000 sets of mold experience and a die-casting annual output of over 50,000 tons.

The rapid development of the Minglida can provide you everything from die-casting, finishing, mold design and manufacturing, surface treatment, plastic, aluminum, stamping and forging, such as the eight major structural one-stop production and processing services, accessories, new energy, security, lighting, communications, plastics and products in the medical category. Our main customers, include the world's top 500 enterprises and over 50 other other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Our sales and services network spans throughout the five major provinces, providing products and services to cover Asia, the United States , Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

Deriving from demand
As one of the invited exhibitors, we have carried out careful arrangements and for the exhibition. Different from the previous year, the exhibition will focus on customer needs. Starting early, we pay more attention to understand customer needs, as well as customer advice, suggestions and technical requirements. We look forward to this valuable input for a timely and accurate integration into our work. To truly solve the needs of customers, the greatest degree of business and customer communication and docking services will be applied. Tailor-made for customers personalized solutions to carry out flexible production, we ensure that customers get cost-effective products.

We sincerely invite all partners, we are honored to meet you face-to-face to evaluate business opportunities. Through this exhibition, we hope to provide more customers with personalized solutions for cost-effective smart products.

"Perfect experience, mysterious gift"
In the "industrial parts and sub-contracting technology" section on the 4th exhibition booth F66-2 / 3, we will provide you with the best product experience. There's MLD's top scientific research staff to provide you with the most professional, the most perfect one-to-one solution, waiting for you to negotiate!

At the exhibition site, Minglida will also offer you a close and practical surprise.

On April 24, 2017 - in 28 days, we get together for the industry 4.0 Germany Hanover Industrial Exhibition, similar to what you saw during the cooperation talks. We look forward to open cooperation with you on a win-win basis!


Contact details:

13798586986(Ms.Anna Cheung)

13590372050(Ms.Micky Cheung)