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Minglida - "Made in China" for success! Leaders lead MLD to a better future


There is a rhythm here

Along with China's manufacturing industry's intelligent development step forward

There is a pride here

In the non-stop rotation and the distance between the scattered splashing

There is a distance here

Interpretation of the struggle to fulfill the dream at your fingertips


On January 20, 2017, by the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Development Association and other judges' comprehensive assessment, 126 enterprises were rated "2016 Guangdong Province Outstanding Manufacturers", 85 enterprises were awarded "2016 Outstanding Enterprises in Guangdong Province" - Minglida won the above two honorary titles. Chairman Mr. Tao Cheng is only one of the top 20 entrepreneurs who are nominated for the "Outstanding Entrepreneurs Award in Guangdong Province". The ion focussed, in addition to sales revenue, on total profits, R&D investment and other hard targets, but also required exhibitors to participate in product quality assessments, which undoubtedly affirmed MLD's industry status and reputation.

Located in the key areas of global production, the development of private enterprises in Guangdong Province has been at the forefront of the ry, with their numbers and quality leading provinces. MLD is a private enterprise under the leadership of Mr. Tao Cheng, chairman, and inherits the culture while at the same time taking the pace of the second venture. We are based in Dongguan Qingxi and Nantong MSC. As modern times demand, we work fast and orderly to smart chemical plants and industry.

As a representative of Guangdong Province, outstanding manufacturing enterprises and outstanding brand model, MLD took a series of major changes while adhering to "Connected Manufacturing", the new concept of development. This involves implementation of brand training as the path to intellectual property oriented independent innovation. A strategy to accelerate the modernization of our industry. The is meant to enhance the brand value and the strength, not only for the die-casting manufacturing industry, but as a positive role in promoting reform within the manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province. As a model for the development of the industry, we play a important exemplary role.

2016 was a year in which MLD was struggling. Facing a severe economic situation, the whole company helped to complete the company's established development goals and achieved the desired sales result.

Externally, we continue to adhere to our branded line of products and focus on the intelligent distribution of resources. Guangdong is set up to benefit from the geographical links to Jiangsu and Sichuan. We try to build a national range of well-known brands. At the same time, we allow manufacturing to go abroad. The strategic direction is to gradually promote the company's globalization.

On the inside and effectively around the market planning chain, production supply chain, technical quality chain," the three main line, we actively implement the strategic efficiency, cost and quality. This is a big step to implement visual field management and production.


We also strengthen MLD's unique craftsman culture. Our staff has a smile on the face and cares about every detail. This is derived from each employee in their own actions to silently practice their craftsmenship. They love their work and are fully dedicated, down on earth, with the intention to do their best.

In the production process, we strive to excel. Adhering to the "fine management, quality manufacturing" concept, the full implementation of site management, visual management, lean production and zero defect quality management are the key factor of analysis to optimize the level of innovation. In accordance with the TS16949 international quality management system, we implement the rules of strict product quality.

For us, continuous communication with customers is not enough, our productions is tailor-made for customers and provides personalized solutions to ensure that customers get cost-effective products. The interests of customers stands before the business aspect.

Rapid development of MLD also means to understand the importance of talent strategy. Good business must have a large number of sophisticated scientific and technological personnel and skilled workers united behind the great banner of the enterprise. The future does not exist without employment relationship. We strive to grow people, to share the company development brought about by the operating results.


Good business leaders have Entrepreneur spirit. In MLD, chairman Mr. Tao Cheng seems to have become a synonym for that. He is the mentor, image model and cultural ambassador. MLD's current position is inseparable from its superior technical capabilities and deep strategic vision.

Strong, persistent and honest, in the MLD family, he is the spiritual pillar of warmth. Good at operating, good at management, with firm confidence and pioneering spirit, leading the team forward. He insists on dreaming, insists on innovation, drives with positive energy, thinking about how to push MLD to a new height. With his unique vision and courage, even in the winter of the manufacturing industry, he can seize the opportunity to move on. Adhering to the "win-win cooperation, sustainable development" business philosophy, with equity incentives and business incentives to benefit the employees. Handsome and wisdom coexist, with strong perseverance to hold up their own path, steel god of war, he also has a very atmospheric signature: the dream of China.


In early 2017, we heard three big news, all of which were successful stories. But Chairman Tao Cheng said that the results belong to yesterday, we must not be satisfied with the status quo, but begin a new round of development to even better results.

As a private enterprise with 12 years of manufacturing experience, we will accelerate the development of brand value and effect, actively adjust the structural concept and industrial upgrading, to enforce plocies such as "Made in China 2025" and Guangdong's "13th Five-Year Plan".


"To excel at work, we must participate in its profits."
MLD is building a service-oriented customer management system, will continue to strengthen the dual-drive technological innovation, enhance its core business competitiveness and constantly implement the reform and innovation strategy. Always for the global users to provide good quality, safe and reliable products and services to promote positive change for the Guangdong economic development and to make new contributions. We take the initiative to lead in the development of the industry, dedicated to China's die-casting technology. We climb new peaks and spare no effort to achieve more choice for our partners.

"The river from the mountains, mountains and rivers and rivers", MLD intelligence and globalization of the wave will not be heavy mountain range peaks blocked, will not be undercurrent shoal stagnation, will roll forward, never stop, toward the world Economic sea.

Now, MLD is the momentum of Heiner rivers, open tolerance of the attitude, eclectic mind, and constantly absorb the outstanding material from the world and spiritual civilization, and constantly absorb the global ability and political integrity of the people, innovation, the more new Well, the more new and stronger!

For the early realization of the "die-casting industry in the most competitive, strong and sustainable development capacity, excellent corporate culture leader enterprise" grand goal, we need to join hands, the future, high morale, run non-stop, so MLD this ship The nuclear power of the big boat line Qi Zhiyuan, together to a new chapter in MLD!