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Sichuan Minglida Technology Co. Ltd. Opening Ceremony


A new year & a great start begin again! On January 12th, 2018, Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened in Qianfeng district, Guangan city, Sichuan province. The important customers of Minglida, the leaders of Guangan Qianfeng district, the management & staff representatives of Minglida Group, and related special guests all attended the ceremony.

Therefore, in order to meet the targeted annual compounded growth rate of more than 80%, our manufacturing bases in Southern China, Yangtze River Delta, and Southwestern China are all completed.

Opening show

The Sichuan manufacturing base will be focusing in industrial fields such as auto parts, new energy, and security, to provide satisfactory products for our customers!

Mr. Tao Cheng, Chairman of Minglida, delivered a speech that thanked our customers for their continued support, thanked the leaders of Qianfeng district government for their help to the company, thanked all the peoples of Minglida for their hard work, thanked the national policies that d an environment that promotes investments and development of the company, he also encouraged everyone that “Happiness is the result of hard work!)  


The district government led the speech and expressed the warmest congratulations on the official opening of Minglida! 

Customers, government leaders, and senior management of the company held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony

Dance performance

Welcome customers and government leaders to inspect the factory

The official opening of Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. has opened a new chapter in the New Year! We have a mission and a sense of responsibility on our shoulders within the die-casting industry! We will unswervingly promote industrial information and intelligence construction, providing customers with efficient and sophisticated products, and contributing our own strength to the wisdom of making a strong national dream! National prosperity through industry has always been the biggest wish of the Minglida people and the most sincere intention! Never losing sight, continuing marching forward!

Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd.