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Shenzhen Minglida Precision Technology Co. Ltd Stock code (301268) got successfully IPO in A Share Listed on China Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 7th April 2022.


Shenzhen Minglida Precision Technology Co.Ltd, Stock code (301268) was officially listed on China Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 7th April 2022.  Listing Ceremony in A Share Listed was held at at 8:30 AM on 7th April, 2022.  All Minglida companies in different cities held ceremony parties and “Could Brass Bell” due to COVID-19.

With rich and perfect precision structural mechanical multi-category "one-stop" solution, industry leading technology R & D advantages, Minglida has been deeply engaged in the precision structural mechanical parts manufacturing industry for 17 years, continuously casting the growth background of high-quality targets, and realizing the continuous improvement of brand awareness in the industry.  We will continuously focus on structure mechanical parts on die casting, plastic injection, extrusion and stamping sheet parts with all surface treatment like paint, powder coating, anodizing,anodize , electrophoresis and passivation.

We always leading industry trend on energy storage, photovoltaic, solar, security, 3C electronics, automotive and high end technology for mechanical parts.

Minglida and its subordinate enterprises have 22 invention patents, 4 appearance design patents, 213 utility model patents, the company has accumulated R&D achievements, has a number of independent  R&D of the core technology, with more mature product production technology and equipment research and development capabilities.  In adhering to the customer-demand-oriented research and development innovation mechanism, Ming Lida's existing patented technology and customer needs have a high degree of fit. 

Through years of close cooperation with customers in various fields, Minglida has the synonous research and development of customer products and advanced research and development capabilities, its multi-category "one-stop" product supply capacity has been enhanced, the company's revenue in the past three years to maintain rapid growth, 2021 is to achieve a year-on-year growth of 21.18% operating revenue. 

Minglida IPO on The China Growth Enterprise Market in A Share Listed  will be an important milestone in the history of Ming Lida development.  Standing at a new starting point, Ming Lida will take this as an opportunity, remember the original aspiration, continue to grasp the market development opportunities, strive to continuous strengthen the competitive advantage, write a new chapter of the company's development, for shareholders, customers and society to greater value!