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  • 2022.04.08

    Shenzhen Minglida Precision Technology Co. Ltd Stock code (301268) got successfully IPO in A Share Listed on China Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 7th April 2022.

    Shenzhen Minglida Precision Technology Co.Ltd, Stock code (301268) was officially listed on China Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 7th April 2022.  Listing Ceremony in A Share Listed was held at at 8:30 AM on 7th April, 2022.  All Minglida companies in different cities held ceremony parties and “Could Brass Bell” due to COVID-19. With rich and perfect precision structural mechanical multi-category "one-stop" solution, industry leading technology R & D advantages, Minglida has been deeply engaged in the precision structural mechanical parts manufacturing industry for 17 years, continuously casting the growth background of high-quality targets, and realizing the continuous improvement of brand awareness in the industry.  We will continuously focus on structure mechanical parts on die casting, plastic injection, extrusion and stamping sheet parts with all surface treatment like paint, powder coating, anodizing,anodize , electrophoresis and passivation. We always leading industry trend on energy storage, photovoltaic, solar, security, 3C electronics, automotive and high end technology for mechanical parts. Minglida and its subordinate enterprises have 22 invention patents, 4 appearance design patents, 213 utility model patents, the company has accumulated R&D achievements, has a number of independent  R&D of the core technology, with more mature product production technology and equipment research and development capabilities.  In adhering to the customer-demand-oriented research and development innovation mechanism, Ming Lida's existing patented technology and customer needs have a high degree of fit.  Through years of close cooperation with customers in various fields, Minglida has the synonous research and development of customer products and advanced research and development capabilities, its multi-category "one-stop" product supply capacity has been enhanced, the company's revenue in the past three years to maintain rapid growth, 2021 is to achieve a year-on-year growth of 21.18% operating revenue.  Minglida IPO on The China Growth Enterprise Market in A Share Listed  will be an important milestone in the history of Ming Lida development.  Standing at a new starting point, Ming Lida will take this as an opportunity, remember the original aspiration, continue to grasp the market development opportunities, strive to continuous strengthen the competitive advantage, write a new chapter of the company's development, for shareholders, customers and society to greater value!  

  • 2019.01.28

    There is a type of annual festival, called the Minglida annual festival

    Come and celebrate the New Spring, continue celebrating New Year! On January 11th, January 18th, and January 26th, 2019, Minglida held the Sichuan Minglida 2019 Welcome Party, Jiangsu Minglida 2019 Annual Festival, and Guangdong Minglida 2019 Annual Festival, once again opening up the curtains of forging ahead from 1 to 10 billion, and working hard to service all levels of government leaders, customers, suppliers, investors, and friends from all walks of life who have always cared for and supported Minglida, while also expressing our New Year greetings and best wishes from all the hard working staffs of Minglida. Let us feel the passion and fiery of the Minglida Annual Festival! Inspiring Chairman’s message Auspicious “interactive activities” Ingenious party launch, toasting ceremony Auspicious “interactive activities” Hearty and delicious reunion banquet Wonderful and interesting staff performances, chorus Exciting awards ceremony Crowd cheering “Chairman’s singing performance” With spring breeze proudly brings in a new journey. From 2004 to 2018, Minglida has gone through fourteen years of hard work, from the struggles of the founding period to the passionate leap into the growth stage, and the exploration and innovation within the transition period, all of which are full of Minglida staff’s “Never losing sight, continuing marching forward” fighting spirit. In 2018, under the leadership of Chairman Tao Cheng and the joint efforts of all Minglida’s staffs, Minglida achieved a breakthrough of 1 billion. Today, Minglida stands at a new starting point, forgetting the past honors while striving for future glories, then sets off into opening the curtain of 1 to 10 billion! Strive to reach 10 billion in 2023 and growing into a one-stop service provider for structural products such as new energy vehicles, solar power, healthcare, security, and new emerging industries. The ambition within our vision is not far-reaching; Minglida wants to be a warm enterprise, to be a valuable enterprise, to respond to the call and winning glory for our ry! Even if there is such uncertainty within this era, we still have to use the power of Minglida to contribute our strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Using this occasion to resign the old and welcome the new, all of Minglida’s staffs wish everyone a happy New Year and blessed family, good luck!

  • 2018.11.28

    Happy News: Minglida was awarded the Doctoral Research Station Grant in Guangdong province

    Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has ed and recommended experts for professional evaluation. Guangdong Minglida was ed and approved to setup a doctoral research station. The doctoral research station approved by Guangdong province is involved in new industries such as biomedicine, information services, manufacturing, and scientific research. The establishment of Minglida’s doctoral research station is or a great significance for improving enterprise technological innovation, promoting the transformation results of technological achievements, and gathering talents. Based on the cutting-edge technology of new materials and new energy automotive industries, we will recruit talents from all parts of society, recruiting and training high-end talents that can be beneficial to the company, and achieving high quality values and forward leaping developments. Our company is a pilot enterprise of Qingshi town’s municipal “multiplier plan”, it is a private high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, and sales. Over the years, our company has attached great importance to the “multiplication” of scale and efficiency. We always adhere to the principle of scientific and technological innovation, aiming at internationalization of products, and meeting the needs of customers. We continue to increase R&D investment, attach importance to talent introduction, strengthening R&D team building, constantly practice the business philosophy of “Industry seeking professionalism, product seeking refinement, management seeking truth, and ability seeking strength”. With advanced technical strength, we were rated as “high-tech enterprise” in 2016 and has been recognized as “China’s Foreign Trade Export”, “Pilot Index Sample Enterprise”, “Guangdong High-Growth SMEs”, “Guangdong Province’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises”, “Guangdong Province Outstanding Brand Demonstration Enterprises”, “Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers”, “Provincial Enterprise Engineering Center”, “Dongguan City Multiplier Pilot Enterprise”, and other certifications; Also passing ISO/TS16949: 2009 quality system certification, ISO14001: 2005 environmental management system, OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety system, intellectual property management system, two-in-one integration management system, and other certifications. Our company has introduced information technology (HR, OA, ERP, CRM, SCM, MES, BPM, PDM) to realize the automation and intellectualization of the production process, and to produce high-quality and low-variance products with scientific and standardized management. The domestic external market has formed a strong competitiveness, motivating us committed into playing a benchmark role within the industry. Minglida always adheres to the customer centered oriented principal, striving for the innovative future, continuously learning and developing advanced technology, continuously improving management level, and committed to the connection between industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025, relying on advanced modern enterprise management system, strict quality control standards, unremitting professionalism, and continue to help customers increasing their own value. Minglida, casting benchmarks within the die-casting industry, intellectually creating a better life.      

  • 2018.06.21

    Minglida Intelligent Manufacturing Project was ed into the 2018 Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project

    Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Committee announced the list of 2018 Guangdong Province Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Projects, there’re 146 projects within the province, including 6 projects in Dongguan, Guangdong Minglida Technology Co. Ltd. New Energy Vehicle Precision Components Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Project is listed among them. Our company attaches great importance to the “multiplication” of scale and efficiency, continuously increases R&D investment, attaches importance to talent introduction, strengthen R&D team building, establishes research institutes, expands production scale, promotes intelligent production process, effectively reduces operating costs, shortens product development cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce product defect rate, improve energy resource utilization, and strive to play a benchmark role within the industry.  New Energy Vehicle Precision Parts Intelligent Demonstration Project The rapid development of our company in recent years has been benefitted from the government party and its policy of enriching the people. Thanks to the strong support over the years from all walks of life, shaping us into “Enriched Thinking, Enriched Mentality”, bestowing our responsibility within us “Dream of China: A dream to a strong nation through wisdom.” Also with our great geographical resources advantages, scale environmental advantages, and technological talents advantages, we are constantly committed to security, new energy, and automotive fields, and comprehensively enhancing the core competitiveness of our enterprises. With the guidance and strong support of the government, our company has achieved gratifying results in the previous year, with sales volume rapid growth. The number of new intellectual property patent applications reached 56, honors reached 17, and also won the “National High-tech Enterprise Qualification Certificate”.  Figure 2: Intelligent Demonstration Project for Precision Parts of New Energy Vehicles Minglida always adheres to the customer centered oriented principal, striving for the innovative future, continuously learning and developing advanced technology, continuously improving management level, and committed to the connection between industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025, relying on advanced modern enterprise management system, strict quality control standards, unremitting professionalism, and continue to help customers increasing their own value. Minglida, casting benchmarks within the die-casting industry, intellectually creating a better life.

  • 2018.01.16

    Sichuan Minglida Technology Co. Ltd. Opening Ceremony

    A new year & a great start begin again! On January 12th, 2018, Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened in Qianfeng district, Guangan city, Sichuan province. The important customers of Minglida, the leaders of Guangan Qianfeng district, the management & staff representatives of Minglida Group, and related special guests all attended the ceremony. Therefore, in order to meet the targeted annual compounded growth rate of more than 80%, our manufacturing bases in Southern China, Yangtze River Delta, and Southwestern China are all completed. Opening show   The Sichuan manufacturing base will be focusing in industrial fields such as auto parts, new energy, and security, to provide satisfactory products for our customers! Mr. Tao Cheng, Chairman of Minglida, delivered a speech that thanked our customers for their continued support, thanked the leaders of Qianfeng district government for their help to the company, thanked all the peoples of Minglida for their hard work, thanked the national policies that d an environment that promotes investments and development of the company, he also encouraged everyone that “Happiness is the result of hard work!)     The district government led the speech and expressed the warmest congratulations on the official opening of Minglida!    Customers, government leaders, and senior management of the company held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony   Dance performance Welcome customers and government leaders to inspect the factory   The official opening of Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. has opened a new chapter in the New Year! We have a mission and a sense of responsibility on our shoulders within the die-casting industry! We will unswervingly promote industrial information and intelligence construction, providing customers with efficient and sophisticated products, and contributing our own strength to the wisdom of making a strong national dream! National prosperity through industry has always been the biggest wish of the Minglida people and the most sincere intention! Never losing sight, continuing marching forward! Sichuan Minglida Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2017.05.12

    Focus on Seiko Zhi Ming, Ming Lida invites you to visit us in Hanover!

    The Hannover Messe, the flagship expo in the field of industrial trade, the world's largest and most professional technology sector, will be held at the Hanover Exhibition Center in Germany on April 24-28, 2017. The exhibition was first held in 1947, and since then for 70 times. On this occasion, Minglida invites you to visit our industrial parts and sub-contracting technology on the 4th exhibition area F66-2 / 3 booth! Introduction to MLD   Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Minglida Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-of-the-art high-tech enterprise, one of the outstanding enterprises in Guangdong Province, focusing on intelligent, flexible, automated production lines. We are committed to creating a domestic first-class die-casting supply chain, the world's leader in lightweight aluminum and zinc alloy parts as well as other supporting services.   For over 13 years, we adhere to the quality of ingenuity of manufacturing. Customer satisfaction stands at more than 98%, with 20 global 500 testimonies, 5000 sets of mold experience and a die-casting annual output of over 50,000 tons. The rapid development of the Minglida can provide you everything from die-casting, finishing, mold design and manufacturing, surface treatment, plastic, aluminum, stamping and forging, such as the eight major structural one-stop production and processing services, accessories, new energy, security, lighting, communications, plastics and products in the medical category. Our main customers, include the world's top 500 enterprises and over 50 other other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Our sales and services network spans throughout the five major provinces, providing products and services to cover Asia, the United States , Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.   Deriving from demand As one of the invited exhibitors, we have carried out careful arrangements and for the exhibition. Different from the previous year, the exhibition will focus on customer needs. Starting early, we pay more attention to understand customer needs, as well as customer advice, suggestions and technical requirements. We look forward to this valuable input for a timely and accurate integration into our work. To truly solve the needs of customers, the greatest degree of business and customer communication and docking services will be applied. Tailor-made for customers personalized solutions to carry out flexible production, we ensure that customers get cost-effective products. We sincerely invite all partners, we are honored to meet you face-to-face to evaluate business opportunities. Through this exhibition, we hope to provide more customers with personalized solutions for cost-effective smart products. "Perfect experience, mysterious gift" In the "industrial parts and sub-contracting technology" section on the 4th exhibition booth F66-2 / 3, we will provide you with the best product experience. There's MLD's top scientific research staff to provide you with the most professional, the most perfect one-to-one solution, waiting for you to negotiate! At the exhibition site, Minglida will also offer you a close and practical surprise. On April 24, 2017 - in 28 days, we get together for the industry 4.0 Germany Hanover Industrial Exhibition, similar to what you saw during the cooperation talks. We look forward to open cooperation with you on a win-win basis!   Contact details: 13798586986(Ms.Anna Cheung) 13590372050(Ms.Micky Cheung)      

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