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  • 2017.05.12

    Minglida - "Made in China" for success! Leaders lead MLD to a better future

    There is a rhythm here Along with China's manufacturing industry's intelligent development step forward There is a pride here In the non-stop rotation and the distance between the scattered splashing There is a distance here Interpretation of the struggle to fulfill the dream at your fingertips   On January 20, 2017, by the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Development Association and other judges' comprehensive assessment, 126 enterprises were rated "2016 Guangdong Province Outstanding Manufacturers", 85 enterprises were awarded "2016 Outstanding Enterprises in Guangdong Province" - Minglida won the above two honorary titles. Chairman Mr. Tao Cheng is only one of the top 20 entrepreneurs who are nominated for the "Outstanding Entrepreneurs Award in Guangdong Province". The ion focussed, in addition to sales revenue, on total profits, R&D investment and other hard targets, but also required exhibitors to participate in product quality assessments, which undoubtedly affirmed MLD's industry status and reputation. Located in the key areas of global production, the development of private enterprises in Guangdong Province has been at the forefront of the ry, with their numbers and quality leading provinces. MLD is a private enterprise under the leadership of Mr. Tao Cheng, chairman, and inherits the culture while at the same time taking the pace of the second venture. We are based in Dongguan Qingxi and Nantong MSC. As modern times demand, we work fast and orderly to smart chemical plants and industry. As a representative of Guangdong Province, outstanding manufacturing enterprises and outstanding brand model, MLD took a series of major changes while adhering to "Connected Manufacturing", the new concept of development. This involves implementation of brand training as the path to intellectual property oriented independent innovation. A strategy to accelerate the modernization of our industry. The is meant to enhance the brand value and the strength, not only for the die-casting manufacturing industry, but as a positive role in promoting reform within the manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province. As a model for the development of the industry, we play a important exemplary role. 2016 was a year in which MLD was struggling. Facing a severe economic situation, the whole company helped to complete the company's established development goals and achieved the desired sales result. Externally, we continue to adhere to our branded line of products and focus on the intelligent distribution of resources. Guangdong is set up to benefit from the geographical links to Jiangsu and Sichuan. We try to build a national range of well-known brands. At the same time, we allow manufacturing to go abroad. The strategic direction is to gradually promote the company's globalization. On the inside and effectively around the market planning chain, production supply chain, technical quality chain," the three main line, we actively implement the strategic efficiency, cost and quality. This is a big step to implement visual field management and production.   We also strengthen MLD's unique craftsman culture. Our staff has a smile on the face and cares about every detail. This is derived from each employee in their own actions to silently practice their craftsmenship. They love their work and are fully dedicated, down on earth, with the intention to do their best. In the production process, we strive to excel. Adhering to the "fine management, quality manufacturing" concept, the full implementation of site management, visual management, lean production and zero defect quality management are the key factor of analysis to optimize the level of innovation. In accordance with the TS16949 international quality management system, we implement the rules of strict product quality. For us, continuous communication with customers is not enough, our productions is tailor-made for customers and provides personalized solutions to ensure that customers get cost-effective products. The interests of customers stands before the business aspect. Rapid development of MLD also means to understand the importance of talent strategy. Good business must have a large number of sophisticated scientific and technological personnel and skilled workers united behind the great banner of the enterprise. The future does not exist without employment relationship. We strive to grow people, to share the company development brought about by the operating results.   Good business leaders have Entrepreneur spirit. In MLD, chairman Mr. Tao Cheng seems to have become a synonym for that. He is the mentor, image model and cultural ambassador. MLD's current position is inseparable from its superior technical capabilities and deep strategic vision. Strong, persistent and honest, in the MLD family, he is the spiritual pillar of warmth. Good at operating, good at management, with firm confidence and pioneering spirit, leading the team forward. He insists on dreaming, insists on innovation, drives with positive energy, thinking about how to push MLD to a new height. With his unique vision and courage, even in the winter of the manufacturing industry, he can seize the opportunity to move on. Adhering to the "win-win cooperation, sustainable development" business philosophy, with equity incentives and business incentives to benefit the employees. Handsome and wisdom coexist, with strong perseverance to hold up their own path, steel god of war, he also has a very atmospheric signature: the dream of China.   In early 2017, we heard three big news, all of which were successful stories. But Chairman Tao Cheng said that the results belong to yesterday, we must not be satisfied with the status quo, but begin a new round of development to even better results. As a private enterprise with 12 years of manufacturing experience, we will accelerate the development of brand value and effect, actively adjust the structural concept and industrial upgrading, to enforce plocies such as "Made in China 2025" and Guangdong's "13th Five-Year Plan".   "To excel at work, we must participate in its profits." MLD is building a service-oriented customer management system, will continue to strengthen the dual-drive technological innovation, enhance its core business competitiveness and constantly implement the reform and innovation strategy. Always for the global users to provide good quality, safe and reliable products and services to promote positive change for the Guangdong economic development and to make new contributions. We take the initiative to lead in the development of the industry, dedicated to China's die-casting technology. We climb new peaks and spare no effort to achieve more choice for our partners. "The river from the mountains, mountains and rivers and rivers", MLD intelligence and globalization of the wave will not be heavy mountain range peaks blocked, will not be undercurrent shoal stagnation, will roll forward, never stop, toward the world Economic sea. Now, MLD is the momentum of Heiner rivers, open tolerance of the attitude, eclectic mind, and constantly absorb the outstanding material from the world and spiritual civilization, and constantly absorb the global ability and political integrity of the people, innovation, the more new Well, the more new and stronger! For the early realization of the "die-casting industry in the most competitive, strong and sustainable development capacity, excellent corporate culture leader enterprise" grand goal, we need to join hands, the future, high morale, run non-stop, so MLD this ship The nuclear power of the big boat line Qi Zhiyuan, together to a new chapter in MLD!

  • 2017.03.16

    MLD 2017 annual target management conference was held successfully

    On 4th March 2017, Minglida group had hold the 2017 annual business target conference at office building 1st meeting room. On that day, MLD general manager Mr. Tao and all business units and functional Dept managers attended the meeting together. At conference, GM Mr. Tao led all management attendance signed off “MLD 2017 target liability statement”and made a oath that we must reach 2017 annual business target. GM Mr. Tao stated that in 2016, even under global downturn economic background, we  MLD still made great progress. So in 2017, we need to make continuous improvements and efforts to reach our target. As long as the company gain profit, our relative welfare and incentive system will be considered accordingly. Break the eggs from inside to outside represents life, but from inside extroversion make them into food. So it is with the enterprise. Only when we break out on our own, we can be the real giant among competitors. Our company annual business target just like a play, and all management will be the protagonist. MLD 2017 annual target achievement depends on hard work of each protagonist. “Let’s roll up our sleeves and work with added energy in 2017. I believe with the wisdom and efforts of MLD whole team, we will win success finally. “ Mr. Tao said that. All relative Dept heads and direct supervisors signed off the 2017 annual business target liability statement separately. Oath-taking ceremony, We must achieve our annual business target in 2017.

  • 2017.02.28

    MLD newly-upgraded official website released, glaring your eyes!

    To meet the growing needs of our market, our new technology and new environment, also better knowledge of Minglida group’s products, program and company news, we in the lead of our our president Mr. ChengTao and all top management have elaborately upgraded on 27th Feb 2017 our company, ShenZhen MingLiDa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd website. This is also our first all round upgrade since 2004. The website upgrade this time has demonstrated the MLD group’s spirit of innovation and development. 1)Integration of corporate culture. 2)From the perspective of modernization and internationalization. 3)Application of advanced design concepts and development procedures. Based on the principle of customer centered, the upgrade website has very clear layout,classification and more convenient to access. 4)The website can be divided into 7 categories. They are homepage, about us, product display, production capacity,contact us, company news and join us. These blocks have provided abundant info for all visitors. 5)The website has adopted big image and homepage drop-down view. 6)It also has obedience to diversity, friendly, safety and convenient function. 7)Auto zoom per screen size. 8)As a substitute of uploading data many times, this website can demonstrate for both PC and mobile one station background integration. It can knock the maintenance cost down and at the same time improve the website management.     Warmly celebrate Minglida Group website a new on-line. As a new starting point it represent brand new corporate image. “The website upgrade is a very significant action to improve customer value, response speed and corporate culture, also a new beginning and new platform for professionalization, marketization and  internationalization.From now on, we need to continuously insist on our company website upgrade to make the customers worldwide know who we are and what we do ” president ChengTao announced that. We will in the future perfect our website based on market trends and network technology progress.Our target is to make our website as a times, rich accurate corporate one which can exchange all useful news all over the world. On the occasion of company new website online, we would like to offer best wishes to all our customers. Wish you all have successful career and satisfied job! Let’s together hand in hand to a wisdom manufacturing and wonderful life! Company profile: website: Mobile website QR code:    

  • 2017.01.17

    Record of The Grand Ceremony of MLD in 2017

    The year of 2016 has passed and the year of 2017 is approaching. The grand ceremony of Minglida Precision Machinery Co., LTD in 2017 was held on January 7 in No.1 Bolang North Street, Fugang, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City as scheduled. The big family of MLD was gathered with the domestic and foreign friends and partners to spend the wonderful time. The grand ceremony is divided into two parts: the first half is the activity time of the Heyday Carnival (15:00-18:00) and the second half is the annual feast and the evening party time (18:00-22:30). On entering the gate of MLD, the guests first saw a huge LED screen that gave a real-time live broadcasting of the entire evening party, which embodied the open and tolerant corporate culture of MLD. The carnival activities mainly learned from the traditional Chinese market and arranged 18 spaces to reflect the 12 DIY of Chinese style: “sugar-coated haws, popcorn, fan painting, Chinese facial makeup, silk flower, folded paper fan, Chines knot, paper-cut, dough figurine, sugar painting, marshmallow, paper lantern” and six foreign DIY “dance mask, painting egg, small photo frame, powder painting, sand painting and greeting card” on the honor wall of “12 twelve animals & annual representatives in the past” and “12 constellations & representatives in 2016”. There was also the activity of guessing the lantern riddles. All the guests could enjoy the above activities for free. The guests could eat while enjoying the passionate performance of the foreign bands on the spot under the warm sunshine. The pictures of guests who showed joyful smiles were the most real and the most perfect witness of this unforgettable ceremony. The evening party programs on the annual feast in the second half were grand and significant. The programs were creative and filled with positive energy. Therefore, all the guests thought highly of this evening party; they were busy capturing each moving scene with their cellphones and shared the photos with their friends in WeChat! The entire evening party started with the New Year speech of the president Mr. Tao Cheng. The speech of President Tao was passionate and appealing. All the guests listened to the touching stories about his pioneering business for the first time in a close range and his perpetual pursuits--to serve the nation with industries, turn manufacturing to smart manufacturing and a beautiful life. MLD has undergone ups and downs for 12 years, which bears all his emotions besides his family. It has achieved something at present. 12-year hardships, 12-year efforts and 12-year perseverance lead to 12-year development. Reviewing the past courses, MLD has developed from a brave warship 12 years ago to the strong joint aircraft carrier that owns 8 warships and consists of multiple business divisions. In the past 12 years, MLD has maintained the healthy, good, steady and sustainable development momentum. These achievements are the results of the collective wisdom, sweat and dedication of all the staffs, which fully show the pioneering spirits and struggling styles of the company staffs and reflect the harmony and progress of staffs and the enterprise. These achievements also contain the sweat of the board of directors of the company, the difficulties of the management board and embody the relentless pursuits and efforts of all the colleagues. Finally, President Tao sent his feelings of the New Year and wishes to the new and old friends, hoping that all the colleagues could splendor together! The evening party commended the excellent management cadres and staffs that had excellent performances in the 12-year course of the company and in 2016. They spared no efforts to dedicate their own youth and wisdom, thus making huge contributions to the company with their own endeavors; they were the models for all the other staffs. The programs of the evening party this year were also excellent. Besides the fashionable and exotic foreign dances and band programs that continued from the previous years, the dance People Paddling to Set Sail performed by the 15 members of the management board was also exciting, marking that MLD, this huge wheel would continue moving ahead with their joint efforts. Then President Tao sang the song The Cost of Love, which was quite lifelike, for the song contained his difficult pioneering experiences. The dance King Gathering Men for A Roll Call led by President Tao showed the mien of the leader, which was rather splendid; the audience kept cheering for them. Two specially invited guests Zhong Sujuan and Ding Youyou came to participate in the evening party, thus making the atmosphere of the entire evening party grander. The alumni of President Tao issued the passionate greetings, thus boosting the evening party to the client. All the people were excited and the dreamy sail of MLD would drive faster! The inflectional three-paragraph poetic texts “sailing-waving-drawing alongside”, truly showing that MLD has been determined to sail and drive in the 12 years, which was quite motivating and inspiring. And in the current days when the manufacturing industry faces so many challenges and the market competition is so cruel, we will continue moving ahead steadily. As the old saying goes that “with firm strides, we are crossing its summit”, we will make a brand-new world for expanding the new market in 2017. The bells of the new year are the appeals of sailing and the exciting horns. Those who are capable stand at the tide head when the wind blows and it sets sail. The forward horns have been blown and our huge wheel has set sail. At this moment, we have to work shoulder to shoulder, cooperate together, exert the utmost efforts, aim higher and farther to make the next chapter of MLD more splendid! Another highlight of the evening party was the exciting lottery activity and red envelope on WeChat. It included eight lotteries and three red envelopes on WeChat. The guests enjoyed the delicious feast while waiting for the awards, which was quite busy and interesting. The entire evening party lasted for over four hours. Finally, the evening party drew the curtain with the sounds of the beautiful melody Song of Peony. The entire evening party achieved great success. The honors have been past. Looking ahead, we still have a long way to go. In the new year, there are new hopes and objectives. In 2017, the company will conduct comprehensive integration: internally, seize quality, efficiency and cost, encourage innovation, enhance the development strength of new products and learn from the management fruits of the successful enterprises so as to better improve the company’s competitiveness and lay foundation for the company development; externally, the management staffs should go to the front lines of the market and seek for larger development space and improve the ability of defending against the market risks. In the future development, the company will place the strategic intention of talent development to the most important place; it is dedicated to providing boarder and better career development platform for colleagues. We will actively guarantee the talent echelon construction, conduct accurate recruitment and go-out recruitment. Meanwhile, we welcome more ambitious staffs with industry experience to the big family of MLD, thus injecting better, stronger and more vivid vitality for the future development, making MLD keep expanding and developing in the future heated market competition, progress in explorations and sublimate in practice so as to realize our joint ideal: being stronger, bigger and longer! The company hopes that all the staffs continue to aim high, strive to make progress, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, pursue excellence and carry forward our spirit of “never stopping” so as to start another new journey! We should try to make the huge wheel of MLD drive faster, better and farther, thus creating a more splendid new 12 years!

  • 2016.11.10

    MLD obtained the title of "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry" against

      In this golden autumn, MLD was once again awarded with the title of 2016 "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry", which has been successively awarded with this title since 2014 for three times. All the top 500 enterprises in the list are the main enterprises in Guangdong manufacturing industry, with strong influence both in domestic and abroad. ☆ Stronger strength of top 500 enterprises in this year The top 500 enterprises in this year are ranked comprehensively according to the enterprise operation capacity, finance and R&D innovation. This rank is promoted steadily in scale, quality and benefit, and the influence in domestics and abroad is also enlarged continuously. ☆ MLD with the proud operating performance According to the operating performance in 2015, MLD won the proud performance, with the robust growth of sales amount under the joint effort of all MLD staff. Along with the rapid growth of performance, MLD also strengthens the R&D investment strength and keeps improving the technical innovation ability constantly. So far, MLD has been authorized with 60 new patents and 15 invention patents in total. ☆ Constant and intensive cultivation of 6 modules After 12 years of development, DML has developed into the one-stop solution provider for 7 major structural components including die casting, CNC, precision molding, plastics, extrusion, stamping and forging. Among these business modules, MLD makes intensive cultivation continuously, develops the existing industry and customers longitudinally and horizontally and increases product categories. ☆ Continuous promotion of core competitiveness MLD fully utilizes its own advantages in technology, talent and resources, integrates resources effectively, grasps the market opportunity rapidly and correctly, develops the new-energy electric automotive field with full power, promotes the development of MLD at the top speed under the support of the steady growth strength of new energy, and realizes leap-style development at each year. ☆ Present and future of MLD With regard to the future of MLD, the President Tao Cheng made the following statement: MLD has a good starting point, and it has undergone 12 years since foundation, and it is now faced with the critical stage of second venture. To realize the century development, we need an attitude of restarting, which means to throw away the burdens in the past, then inherit, transform, innovate and do something totally different from before. We must find our own precise positioning, build our own clear strategic objectives and formulate a series of strategic actions and match the strategy with appropriate strategic executors. We must vigorously promote the enhancement mode that takes customer and cost as the orientation, establish an efficient management team, strengthen innovation driving, intelligent transformation and internal basic management, refine the management, make the process effective and efficient and meet the rapid development need of company. Meanwhile, we should also focus on the resource wasting behaviors in MLD. When mentioning this point, the President Tao Cheng mentioned himself firstly: So far, I often go out for business individually. Once someone asked me, "You have an enterprise with the employee of 1,500, why not appoint somebody to help you, even if carrying the baggage for your". I said, "It is a kind of wasteful. One more staff means the charges for the ticket and accommodation will be increased. If I stay for 7 days, I will pay double costs for 7-day rents for the staff." I think this is the benefit, if we can earn one more for the company, we should save it and distribute it to our staff. Isn't it better? Isn't the purpose of enterprise operation to offer every valuable staff a comfortable and good life? We need the spirit of living plainly and working hard for a long time. Both business and work require perseverance, and our effect will be significant only when we stepping on the right road with diligence toward a right direction! Upon the year that MLD has founded for 12 years, 41-year old Tao Cheng put forward the slogan of "new starting point, new journey" of 2016, which advocated all MLD staff to stand steadily and walk smoothly and far from now on, because the target will be closer and closer in this way!   On the 2016 Top 500 Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises Summit, facing the theme of "Innovation and Transformation-Promoting Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprise to Develop Toward High-end, Intelligent and Green Strategy", Tao Cheng, the President of MLD, stated his original view on how does the manufacturing industry achieve innovation driving and transformation driving: 1) Manufacturing is the pillar of the real economy, the basis of the national economy. MLD insists on serving the ry with the industrial development, developing and revitalizing the national manufacturing industry! 2) Innovation is the new driving force of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Dongguan, as the world's manufacturing city, has always attached great importance to the development of the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry. Today, Dongguan is faced with a new scene of the transformation and upgrading, with vigorously promoting the independent innovation and vigorously developing the advanced equipment manufacturing industry. Under the new normal, we should actively develop the advanced assembly manufacturing, innovate and develop steadily, take the initiative to participate in new industrialization and information technology construction, leading enterprises to upgrade successfully. At the same time, speed up reform and innovation, continue to strengthen innovation-driven, promote industrial upgrading, with social responsibility in mind to improve the future competitiveness of enterprises! Top 500 enterprises witnessed the growth of MLD, showing the advanced experience of MLD.MLD will continue to set a good example for the Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises, and to make new contributions to economic development of Guangdong province!  

  • 2016.10.11

    Gather the strength of dream, Achieve the second rising of MLD. - Hold the Operation Management Meeting for Q4 in 2016 and the Whole Year of 2017

     Gather the dream, possess infinite power, greater achievements!!!   On October 5, 2016, Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. held the Operation Management Meeting for Q4 in 2016 and the Whole Year of 2017 for up to 5 hours in the Conference Room I of MLD Office Building, officially showing the beginning of the company's sustainable development. Total 16 staff attended the meeting, including the General Manager, Deputy General Manager, management team and industry team members as well as the leaders of the functional departments of the company.   Before the meeting, Tao Cheng, the General Manager, firstly clarified that the purpose of this meeting is to unify the thinking that is to make the development direction and trend of MLD clear to the core management. At the meeting, a comprehensive summary of the major achievements and breakthroughs achieved in the past 3 years was made, including sustained and rapid sales growth, which affirmed the success of the implementation of business division reform; the foundation and construction of our new industrial park; at the same time, the existing problems in current work, the status of the industry were objectively analyzed, and the detailed arrangement for development strategy and planning for 2017 was formulated in accordance with the achievement situation of 2016 target, industry trends and industry focus. At the same time, the future development strategy of MLD was clarified, namely, to promote the business transformation, the intellectualized layout and the technical transformation, explore and innovate the development model of MLD, and further strengthen MLD's market influence and promote the popularity by taking customers as the main line under the joint drive of the industry team, the strategic planning and the technical committee.     The meeting pointed out that we should firmly grasp the overall development of the company, change the company's development strategy, strictly control the product quality system, strengthen internal management, implement multi-field operation, develop more markets and selling points, introduce more international companies, enlarge the customers group, and gradually reduce our dependency on a single customer. We should be full of confidence, bearing the same idea of bold innovation, perseverance, forging ahead, and strive to solve the problems of land for new plant and layout, personnel issues, especially reducing the production cost based on the current basis for funding the cost for building the new plant cost as well as ensuring to achieve the business objectives of 2016 and 2017. All departments shall abandon the old concept, clarify responsibilities, do well the job convergence, and put forward higher expectations and ardent expectations on how to achieve better trans-department work in the future. The vice president of the company and industry team members also made a detailed report on strategic planning and layout, business plan, intelligent & first-line flow layout, personnel planning, etc.   Combining with the company's current status, several heated discussions on the following issues were carried out on the meeting, including how to seize the opportunity for future changes in the automotive reform, how to open up new markets, and form its own long-term competitive advantage; How to achieve the maximum gain with the smallest area and the least human and material inputs; How to do a good job of intelligent layout of the pilot and preparatory work in the early stage against time; How to find ways to meet customers' requirements in a faster and better way, how to improve the progress of project management, how to improve product quality; How to optimize the performance evaluation program and indicators, realize the effective application of KPI management tools, and how to completely remove the non-quantifiable indicators for a better development of the Company; How to do a good job of talent pool  and talent echelon construction in the next 2 years and many other aspects, especially discussing and summarizing the positioning and responsibilities of the Strategic Planning Department and Technical Committee, the participants spoke their own suggestions in a responsible attitude, from the company's actual status, jointly planning the bright future of MLD in the glass wall.   The General Manager made a special mention that, we should sort out our system, process, mechanisms with the concept of "management iron triangle", to improve the management and find out vertical and horizontal solution to existing problems within a year within one year. The core team members are encouraged to lead the members of the unit to strive for excellence, to a multi-win of enterprises, departments and individuals, to win more bonus for their subordinates to the extent permitted by the company, to encourage subordinates to constantly follow up the company, especially in major management projects. Meanwhile, actively explore the innovative thinking mode in human resource management. In the daily management of the work, the enthusiasm of all the staff should be fully mobilized to inspire result- oriented concept of all the employees and achieve the employees' dream hand in hand. The meeting also planned the year-end party with the theme of gratitude in advance, which shall carry out the multi-aspect, multi-level and multi-angle innovation from the participation of the activities and the forms of activities, aiming to build the annual meeting to be the most splendid and most unforgettable one. The sense of participation of employees was particularly emphasized, with all staff of MLD and customers and suppliers together looking forward to this grand party coming, which shall also be a glorious page in the history of the company. At the same time, the atmosphere that all customers and suppliers can feel the combination of innovation and work of MLD staff in the all aspects of works no matter when and where, as well as always adhering to the people-oriented idea, the idea of "carry forward the gratitude culture and practice gratitude responsibility", which shall be implemented in the work. Undoubtedly, the convening of the operation management meeting has set the work targets for the whole year of 2017, clearly defined the work task, work plan, operation index and development direction, laying a good foundation for the successful completion of the production plan in each department and project in the coming year This meeting, always permeated with the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, filled with a democratic atmosphere was a unity of democracy, brainstorming of the General Assembly, which will bring the utmost positive energy, and lead and motivate the MLD staff to greater achievement with cohesion, innovation, firm and persistent, progressive spirit! ! ! Now, all departments are carrying out the work orderly, we are gathering all the advantages, bringing all the talents together to strive for the grand strategic target of 100-year MLD, 10-billion MLD, sailing to a brilliant future with infinite motivation driven by the nuclear power. ! !  

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