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  • 2015.02.13

    MLD 2015 New Year Party

    The year of 2014 was the most inspiring, most inspiring year in the history of MLD's development, as well as the year of making history and writing history by all staff of MLD. Under the joint effect of all colleagues, MLD has obtained a series of encouraging and great performances in all aspects, which were obtained with abundant effort and sweat of all staff, and were achievements of consensus and synergy, selfless contribution, unity and hard work of all staff. Thank you every staff of MLD for your hard work and effort in the year. Thank you every sector for your energetic support upon MLD. Tao Cheng, the president, addressed for the start of the evening party   Tao Cheng, the president, and the management team toasted to all staff and distinguished guests in the evening party   Tao Cheng, the president, led the management team to express thanks for all clients, staff and partners of MLD Gratitude for the growth and your accompanying along the way   Opening dance of the evening party   Programs of the evening party   Award presentation for annual excellent staff         Programs of the evening party   Prize for excellent management personnel   Prize for excellent team     Special performance from Chinese Miraculous Person       Lucky draw of the evening party   Highlights before the start of the evening party At last, as the Spring Festival is around the corner, MLD extends the Spring Festival greetings to all staff and partners in advance, and wishes you all go well with the work in the coming year. Be in good health! Be in happy family! Be in high and vigorous spirits!

  • 2014.09.12

    MLD 2014 New Year Party


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  • 2017.04.10

    Invitation for Hannover Messe

      Dear Customer, MLD team (Minglida) would like to invite you and your team to visit us at Hannover Messe 2017. We will show you new energy auto, clean energy, intelligent security, and industrial mechanical products which developed with the latest new technology. During the past 12 years developing and growing, MLD team adhere to technical innovation as the core, through creative & innovative R & D and technical application upgrade, constantly to improve production capacity, to realize intelligent manufacturing, a full range of customer service concept, hoping to benefit mankind for the enterprise long-term dreams and persistence. MLD has 100 sets die casting machine, the total production capacity of 150 thousand tons of aluminum per year. The highest lever & biggest size with 3500 tons of Buhler Carat 350, including ABB automatic production robot; CNC automatic processing line, including four horizontal axis, vertical three shaft; a full set of surface finishing capabilities, including powder coating, wet painting and anodizing; From friction stir welding, ultra high vacuum die casting and semi-solid die casting breakthrough, the technology has realized the goal of thinner wall (4mm), higher quality of mechanical properties and surface standard.   Based on our technical advantages, advanced equipment, intelligent production, MLD whole team will dedicate to provide you with a one-stop service for all kind of mechanical structure parts ( molding, die casting, plastic injection, al extrusion, stamping), help you to enhance the competitiveness. We are looking forward to see you at Hannover Messe 2017! Kindest regards,  

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