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  • 2016.10.11

    Gather the strength of dream, Achieve the second rising of MLD. - Hold the Operation Management Meeting for Q4 in 2016 and the Whole Year of 2017

     Gather the dream, possess infinite power, greater achievements!!!   On October 5, 2016, Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. held the Operation Management Meeting for Q4 in 2016 and the Whole Year of 2017 for up to 5 hours in the Conference Room I of MLD Office Building, officially showing the beginning of the company's sustainable development. Total 16 staff attended the meeting, including the General Manager, Deputy General Manager, management team and industry team members as well as the leaders of the functional departments of the company.   Before the meeting, Tao Cheng, the General Manager, firstly clarified that the purpose of this meeting is to unify the thinking that is to make the development direction and trend of MLD clear to the core management. At the meeting, a comprehensive summary of the major achievements and breakthroughs achieved in the past 3 years was made, including sustained and rapid sales growth, which affirmed the success of the implementation of business division reform; the foundation and construction of our new industrial park; at the same time, the existing problems in current work, the status of the industry were objectively analyzed, and the detailed arrangement for development strategy and planning for 2017 was formulated in accordance with the achievement situation of 2016 target, industry trends and industry focus. At the same time, the future development strategy of MLD was clarified, namely, to promote the business transformation, the intellectualized layout and the technical transformation, explore and innovate the development model of MLD, and further strengthen MLD's market influence and promote the popularity by taking customers as the main line under the joint drive of the industry team, the strategic planning and the technical committee.     The meeting pointed out that we should firmly grasp the overall development of the company, change the company's development strategy, strictly control the product quality system, strengthen internal management, implement multi-field operation, develop more markets and selling points, introduce more international companies, enlarge the customers group, and gradually reduce our dependency on a single customer. We should be full of confidence, bearing the same idea of bold innovation, perseverance, forging ahead, and strive to solve the problems of land for new plant and layout, personnel issues, especially reducing the production cost based on the current basis for funding the cost for building the new plant cost as well as ensuring to achieve the business objectives of 2016 and 2017. All departments shall abandon the old concept, clarify responsibilities, do well the job convergence, and put forward higher expectations and ardent expectations on how to achieve better trans-department work in the future. The vice president of the company and industry team members also made a detailed report on strategic planning and layout, business plan, intelligent & first-line flow layout, personnel planning, etc.   Combining with the company's current status, several heated discussions on the following issues were carried out on the meeting, including how to seize the opportunity for future changes in the automotive reform, how to open up new markets, and form its own long-term competitive advantage; How to achieve the maximum gain with the smallest area and the least human and material inputs; How to do a good job of intelligent layout of the pilot and preparatory work in the early stage against time; How to find ways to meet customers' requirements in a faster and better way, how to improve the progress of project management, how to improve product quality; How to optimize the performance evaluation program and indicators, realize the effective application of KPI management tools, and how to completely remove the non-quantifiable indicators for a better development of the Company; How to do a good job of talent pool  and talent echelon construction in the next 2 years and many other aspects, especially discussing and summarizing the positioning and responsibilities of the Strategic Planning Department and Technical Committee, the participants spoke their own suggestions in a responsible attitude, from the company's actual status, jointly planning the bright future of MLD in the glass wall.   The General Manager made a special mention that, we should sort out our system, process, mechanisms with the concept of "management iron triangle", to improve the management and find out vertical and horizontal solution to existing problems within a year within one year. The core team members are encouraged to lead the members of the unit to strive for excellence, to a multi-win of enterprises, departments and individuals, to win more bonus for their subordinates to the extent permitted by the company, to encourage subordinates to constantly follow up the company, especially in major management projects. Meanwhile, actively explore the innovative thinking mode in human resource management. In the daily management of the work, the enthusiasm of all the staff should be fully mobilized to inspire result- oriented concept of all the employees and achieve the employees' dream hand in hand. The meeting also planned the year-end party with the theme of gratitude in advance, which shall carry out the multi-aspect, multi-level and multi-angle innovation from the participation of the activities and the forms of activities, aiming to build the annual meeting to be the most splendid and most unforgettable one. The sense of participation of employees was particularly emphasized, with all staff of MLD and customers and suppliers together looking forward to this grand party coming, which shall also be a glorious page in the history of the company. At the same time, the atmosphere that all customers and suppliers can feel the combination of innovation and work of MLD staff in the all aspects of works no matter when and where, as well as always adhering to the people-oriented idea, the idea of "carry forward the gratitude culture and practice gratitude responsibility", which shall be implemented in the work. Undoubtedly, the convening of the operation management meeting has set the work targets for the whole year of 2017, clearly defined the work task, work plan, operation index and development direction, laying a good foundation for the successful completion of the production plan in each department and project in the coming year This meeting, always permeated with the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, filled with a democratic atmosphere was a unity of democracy, brainstorming of the General Assembly, which will bring the utmost positive energy, and lead and motivate the MLD staff to greater achievement with cohesion, innovation, firm and persistent, progressive spirit! ! ! Now, all departments are carrying out the work orderly, we are gathering all the advantages, bringing all the talents together to strive for the grand strategic target of 100-year MLD, 10-billion MLD, sailing to a brilliant future with infinite motivation driven by the nuclear power. ! !  

  • 2016.09.14

    MLD driven by core power

      Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd (MLD) is located in Qingxi, the most beautiful township in Dongguan, with the headquarters located at Shenzhen and offices set in America and Eastern Europe and other ries and regions. During the past ten years, MLD has developed to be the one-stop solution provider for six main mechanical products, such as die casting, CNC machining, precision molding, plastic injection, Aluminum extrusion and stamping processes. MLD is equipped with hundreds of advanced high-quality precision production and testing equipment including zinc-aluminum alloy, injection molding machine, CNC lathe, electric discharge machine and 3D molding machine, which help the company to realize automatic production of the industrial chain (automatic die casting, automatic polishing/shot blasting, automatic tapping/drilling holes, automatic painting and spraying and automatic assembly, etc.) It is expected that the factory productivity will make an annual molding output to more than 600 sets and 60,000 tons -80,000 tons of die casting parts with the under-construction aluminum alloy die casting part production and matching project in MLD Qingxi plant with the area of 80,000 m2 putting into operation.         Technology innovation, automation and intelligence manufacturing have always been the core values of MLD. With these core values, we own our research institute and meanwhile hire professionals for the research and application of new technology and new materials. And only in this way, MLD has been able to keep delivering outstanding products to customers in areas of automotive, new energy, security and telecom. With rapid development of sales amount and market share in recent years under the leadership of Tao Cheng, the President, MLD has grown up to be ranked as the excellent manufacturing company of Guangdong Province, one of the top 500 manufacturing companies of Guangdong Province and High-Tech company     At present, MLD is making vigorous efforts to realize strategy cooperation, develop intelligent devices and products and promote the informatization (HR, OA, ERP, CRM, SCM, MES, BPM, PDM), intelligence of production process, production automation and realization of first-class production line and also speed up efforts in industry 4.0 to match with Made in China 2025 in an attempt to upgrade the manufacturing industry, achieve intelligent manufacturing and lead a beautiful life by intelligence.       Enterprise Culture MLD insists on the core values of "centered on customers, based on striver, insisting on hardworking in the long run" to guide various works, carries out the operation principles of "honesty, passion, coordination and innovation", improve internal strength and shape external image; better life with our customers, employees, shareholders and the society.     Internally, the company plans to forge a team cultural of striving, strength, bonding and hard-working, and actively a win-win development platform; while building the brilliant future for MLD Technology and MLD, MLD is willing to share the benefit with excellent employees, keep improving employees working and life quality, as well as enjoying high work efficiency thanks to high-tech video meetings. MLD will hold all kinds of training; organize domestic tourisms every year based on development status, as well as the large scale year-end party which is featured with brilliant shows and lottery as well as the awarding operation awards to management. MLD insists on binding the employees' spirits with culture, and gathering global talents with culture to consolidate the hundred-year MLD, and make positive contributions to achieve China dream and the intelligent creation power dream!     Additional activities held by Market Department     2016 Domestic Travel for Supply Chain Group     2015 Annual Bonus for Management Team     Team Profile of Market Department     Team Profile of Office  

  • 2016.09.15

    Wish all MLD staff are happy in Mid-Autumn Festival

      We offered "mooncakes" of structural parts to all our employees for good luck. Driven by MLD's passion, Filled with the concentration of our mechanical arms; Make stuffing with the convenience of automation; Make sugar by applying the speed of one-line production; Win-win water which can the value; Blessings offered to automotive field; Good luck of new energy filed; Fortune luck of security field; Good luck of telecom and other fields. Together with MLD's 200% excellent level of quality service (all for clients, for clients' all, for all clients). At this Mid-Autumn Festival, We wish all MLD's employees a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Family reunion!! Happy and harmonious!!!

  • 2016.06.03

    Foundation laying ceremony of MLD Roman Science Party Project (real records)

      On 31 May, all preparations for cornerstone-laying of MLD Technology Park have been completed with correct leadership of Qingxi township committee and government, great supports from leaders of various levels and friends of various fields as well as assistance of related departments and units. Today, color balloons are hanging high on the sky where buntings flying, we hold our cornerstone-laying ceremony here. Draw eyes for the sleeping lion.   Leaders from the government fill soil during cornerstone laying ceremony.   Shenzhen MLD was founded in Shenzhen in 2004. Our goal is to become a world first class manufacturer of hardware equipment. When Shenzhen MLD settled in the beautiful township Qingxi in March, 2014, Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. was established. With the great help and support from leaderships of various levels in Qingxi town in the past two years, the company achieved more than 70% growth of compound growth rate in successive two years. Our profit margins also hit the new highs. Currently, MLD has invested RMB 220 million to build 3 branch factories in Qingxi, with the total area of these factories exceeding 100,000m2, annual output value exceeding RMB 1 billion and the profits more than RMB 100 million. Every oak must be an acorn! Today, we hold the cornerstone-laying ceremony of our Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd (Roman Industrial Park) project. This s MLD's settlement in Guangdong. This indicates that MLD is heading for a more glorious future. Roman Industrial Park project with the worth of RMB 1 billion is one big investment measure of Guangdong Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. in its way of global expansion. Construction period of our Roman Industrial Park project is 2 years. The automotive parts production project will officially be put into operation at next year. Upon completion of the project, it is expected that the new industrial annual output of MLD Roman Industrial Park will be up to RMB 2 billion, with the annual profit margin exceeding RMB 200 million and offering more than 1,000 employment positions. By the end of 2017, we plan to acquire land of another 300 mu to invest automotive engine production project. It is estimated that by 2020, MLD will achieve an industrial output value of RMB 5 billion in Qingxi and realize an annual profit tax of over RMB 500 million and provide more than 4,000 jobs. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve the industrial output value of RMB 10 billion in Qingxi! Today's foundation will help MLD achieve self-worth and social value, make a strong step towards MLD achieving the Chinese dream and the intelligent creation power dream! Today, the foundation laying ceremony marks the Roman Industrial Park project into the substantive construction stage. Our goal is to gradually put into production six months later, two years later, there will be a modern factory on this land. What an exciting and expected moment! Once, our dream is to do the best die casting factory in China, and now our dream is to do the world's best die casting enterprise! The world's best die casting enterprise will start from the foundation of this land under foot! Start new industry with deep foundation, realize the ambition with profound preparation! Let us witness this historic moment, share the joy of success, and look forward to a better future!

  • 2016.03.25

    Self-transformation under new normal

    A ry, a nation, a company will, in a specific period, be enered with different surrounding environments and different strategic objectives, which determines that at this time the development strategy, work focus and work will change greatly compared with the previous time, and this change will remain relatively stable in a period of time, and this is the concept of " new normal" that I will introduce today. MLD has gone through the rapid development of twelve years since its establishment, and it has now come to the key point of second venture, because we are rapidly developing more global top 500 customers, while MLD plans to access to the automotive industry market. Customers put forward higher requirements towards MLD for T (technology), Q (quality), R (response speed), D (delivery), C (cost), and we also face a brutal and fierce international and domestic competitive environment. Many of the original traditional modes of thinking, work models and work methods have failed to meet customer requirements and market competition needs, which is bound to require for " new normal" of MLD's management and operation. The "new" in "New normal" means difference from the past, and the "normal" in "new normal" means maintaining relative stability; it means that it shall be "away from the traditional imbalance, uncoordinated, extensive growth model" and develop towards "high-efficiency, low-cost, sustainable high-speed stage". Only keeping up with the pace of the times, we will not fall behind. Emphasizing on innovation and promoting institutional reform is the only way for us to progress, and the new normal is a new work thinking and work mode which is different from the past and has relatively stable state; The new normal is a trend and an irreversible development state, and also means that MLD is about to enter into a new stage different from the past. MLD shall continuously carry out internal management innovation, technology and process innovation to fully meet customer requirements and fully realize the interests of customers and MLD's own value as well, which is "new normal" on the company level at present.   In order to better meet the company's "new normal" requirements, we need to change from the following three aspects: 1) Highlight the key and core role of technological innovation and process innovation, and establish the thinking of "science and technology are primary productive forces"; Constantly optimize the transform the manufacturing lines, implement the automated production, achieve the first-line flow production, intelligent manufacturing system, and build market-oriented production, marketing, research innovated system; 2) Create the concept of "human resources is the first strategic resource", and the first-class innovative talent team; Focus on training and introducing a number of scientific and technological innovation leaders and scientific technological innovative entrepreneurial team ing core technology, and high-quality management personnel with strategic vision and highly skilled personnel of which enterprise is in urgent need; 3) Build a new management model, process and incentive mechanism; Continuously innovate the internal management system, shorten the communication distance with the client, and focus on the interests of customers; Continuously adjust the internal management structure, and achieve internal management being flat; Establish a good enterprise culture atmosphere, give full play to the wisdom of all employees and the collective wisdom, and require all departments to communicate and cooperate and match perfectly in the work, and give full play to the team spirit and cohesion to the limit. This is the work requirements under the "new normal" situation. The new normal is not periodical but continuous. It shall advance with the times; Only continuous improving and constantly making summary can achieve the constant development; The modern society is not the era of "falling behind if without making progress", and we have come to the brutal situation of "dead without changes". Attention, colleagues from MLD, rather than a "decent" saying, new normal has been a real viable working state down to earth. We shall break the traditional thinking and the inherent work mode, find work optimization points with the vision of improvement, and improve the work process with innovative thinking; So that we can meet the needs of the market! The current "new normal" of MLD is "change and development", namely looking for development in the changes, and looking for changes in the development. Under this guiding ideology, each functional department, each division in MLD should actively think about their own problems, how to define and organize the implementation of the "new normal": 1) The Market Department's new normal is to the rapid capture of the automotive industry market and the global TOP 10 of the existing business areas, and safeguard the customer interests; 2) The new normal of great technology department (technical department, industrial engineering department, mold department) is to continuously carry out technical and technological innovation, and to promote the implementation of the first-line flow project development and mold design, automation and intelligence transformation; 3) The new normal of the purchasing department can be defined as "focusing on the purchase and maintenance of automation equipment, transferring from a single process outsourcing into finished product outsourcing, and rapidly responding and realizing the requirements of demanding department"; 4) The new normal of the Personnel Administration Center can be defined as "continuously introducing high-tech talents, core management and sales personnel, implementing the talent policy of ing, using, educating and maintaining, and creating outstanding talent team"; 5) The new normal of business department focuses on the interests of customers, independent management of good profits, and the implementation of a good corporate management system. Finally, when we face the "new normal", we should ideally treat it with self-confidence and common heart. However, from the perspective of method, we should understand the "new normal" with scientific vision and practical attitude to actively respond to " New normal " and learn to adapt to the" new normal "; We should continue to gain new knowledge, have the courage to seize the opportunity, reform and innovate, and to keep up with the pace of the times, so that we could good conditions for the company's sustainable development. I believe that MLD will have a brilliant and splendid future! Everyone will be proud of being a member of MLD! President: Tao Cheng March 24, 2016

  • 2016.02.18

    Good news: MLD was successfully ed as one of "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry in 2015"

    On March 7, 2016, the Guangdong Provincial Association of Manufacturing Industry, Guangdong Provincial Industrial Development Research Institute and the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Enterprise jointly issued the list of "2015 Guangdong Province Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500 ". There are 31 enterprises with the business revenue exceeding RMB 10 billion in Guangdong in 2015. After being ed as "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises in 2014, MLD once again was successfully ed as "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises in 2015", with the ranking significantly raised by 26 compared with the ranking in 2014. MLD will make persistent efforts and make success in 2016 once again!

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