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  • 2016.03.21

    MLD was rewarded as "Model Enterprises of China Foreign Trade Export Guide Index"

    MLD was successfully ed as "Model Enterprises of China Foreign Trade Export Guide Index" by State Administration of Customs. This survey, led by the State General Administration of Customs, ed 2,861 companies as representatives from the thousands of export enterprises for the acquisition of situations and claims of enterprises. In this survey, MLD was able to participate as a business representative, which reflected MLD's strong overall business power and the government departments' overall attention towards the company. According to reports, in the main factors impacting on China's exports, processing trade imports, foreign direct investment, investment and consumption of the thematic economies and other macro-indicators, corporate orders, confidence, cost and other micro-indicators can play the role in predicting the export trend in advance. China's export guide index is the comprehensive monthly index obtained by summarizing, processing and combining these indexes for forecasting China's export trend in the next 2-3 months. Preparation and release of export guide index can enhance the accuracy of predicting the export situation, improve the scientificity, foresight and pertinence of macro-control, and it also has important practical significance in maintaining the steady development of economic and trade, and guarding the social harmony and stability. Export enterprise is the principal part of China's export trade, and its "voice from heart" can more directly reflect the status and trends of China's foreign trade exports, can make up for the "overall but not professional" limitations of macro data, can ensure the scientific and effective compilation of trade export guide index. And at the same time, it can provide export enterprises with a new channel reflecting the new situation to the national macroeconomic management departments, which will boost the pertinence and promptness of the control implementation, and safeguard the interests of enterprises and the ry. The list of Model Enterprises of China Foreign Trade Export Guide Index was determined by the General Administration of Customs. The successful ion of MLD also reflected our overall strength.

  • 2016.03.18

    Good news: MLD was successfully ed as one of "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry in 2014"

      In the afternoon of December 29, 2014, Guangdong Province Manufacturing Industry Development Summit and Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500 in Guangdong Province Conference was solemnly held in Guangzhou Pearl River Hotel. MLD was successfully ed as one of "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry in 2014" The theme of the summit was: Innovation-driven and industrial transformation and upgrading - promote the strategic development of export-oriented enterprises. " Liu Xiaojie, the Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Provincial Government, Chen Jian, the former Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director, Chen Bing, the former Provincial Economic and Trade Commission Director and Provincial Manufacturing Association Honorary President, Wang Jun, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Dean, Ma Hua, the Deputy Director of Provincial Department of Commerce and other provincial leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from different cities of Guangdong attended the meeting.   The information for assessment of Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry in 2014 was collected by the means of enterprise reporting, public data collection and in-depth investigation, verification and other channels, in accordance with the short-listed conditions and the reference to the international evaluation criteria, after being approved by the Committee of Experts, the "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises in 2014" was proposed and announced. The successful convening of the conference widely collected the advanced thoughts and the successful experiences of the government leaders, specialists and scholars of all industries, excellent entrepreneurs, promoted the manufacturing companies in Guangdong to carry out independent innovation, and provided strong impetus for Guangdong developing from the greatest manufacturing province to the strongest manufacturing province. This conference well received by different social sectors, and exerted a positive social influence.

  • 2015.02.13

    MLD 2015 New Year Party

    The year of 2014 was the most inspiring, most inspiring year in the history of MLD's development, as well as the year of making history and writing history by all staff of MLD. Under the joint effect of all colleagues, MLD has obtained a series of encouraging and great performances in all aspects, which were obtained with abundant effort and sweat of all staff, and were achievements of consensus and synergy, selfless contribution, unity and hard work of all staff. Thank you every staff of MLD for your hard work and effort in the year. Thank you every sector for your energetic support upon MLD. Tao Cheng, the president, addressed for the start of the evening party   Tao Cheng, the president, and the management team toasted to all staff and distinguished guests in the evening party   Tao Cheng, the president, led the management team to express thanks for all clients, staff and partners of MLD Gratitude for the growth and your accompanying along the way   Opening dance of the evening party   Programs of the evening party   Award presentation for annual excellent staff         Programs of the evening party   Prize for excellent management personnel   Prize for excellent team     Special performance from Chinese Miraculous Person       Lucky draw of the evening party   Highlights before the start of the evening party At last, as the Spring Festival is around the corner, MLD extends the Spring Festival greetings to all staff and partners in advance, and wishes you all go well with the work in the coming year. Be in good health! Be in happy family! Be in high and vigorous spirits!

  • 2014.09.12

    MLD 2014 New Year Party


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