Design and manufacture of precision tooling

Design and manufacture of precision tooling

1) Equipped with 60 sets advanced and high-precision equipment, with the accuracy up to 0.003 mm;

2) The annual molding output can be up to more than 700 sets, and the largest manufacturable molding of die casting machine can be up to 4,000T (the weight of the molding can exceed 40T);

3) Own the senior technical team (more than 30 members) for molding design;

4) Equipped with the professional mold flow analysis software, CAE analysis software and senior team for more than 20 years of experience;

5) The automated design, automatic production of each process and the online automatic testing have been available;

6) The professional software for molding manufacturing and management has been carried out;

7) The Intelligent Warehouse Management System for the molding warehouse and the Product Lifecycle Management System for molding (including the maintenance history of molding and lighting installation system for maintenance) have been applied to the molding warehouse;

8) The professional heat processing technology for molding and processing technology for surface coating have been developed and applied, which make the lifetime of molding far longer than those made by erparts.