• 2017 Touring Campus Recruitment Talk - Station I - "Jiangsu University"

    In order to meet the demand for talents, cultivate the outstanding person in line with the enterprise development strategy, the 2017 Tour Campus Recruitment Talk has been initiated by Administration and HR Department. The first station was targeted at Jiangsu University. Due to the high attention of company leadership, 2017 Campus Recruitment Talk, led by President Tao Cheng, the Marketing Director,, Mr. Shi, the Manager of Administration and HR Department, was held at the lecture room of teaching building of Jiangsu University at 16:00 pm on December 5, 2016 under the cooperation of Jiangsu University. On the Recruitment Talk, President Tao Cheng introduced the company profile, enterprise culture, talent strategy and management trainee from the perspective of corporate strategy, as well as the specific requirements and development access to the applicants, at the same time, Tao Cheng also shared the successful experience and inspiration with students by combing his own experience for enhancing the communication with the real thoughts of students, as well as encouraging all people to challenge their confidence and courage to positively choose a job and try to start a business. Meanwhile, Tao also mentioned the further development of the die casting industry and the development prospect of the company, which attracted the keen interests of the students. At the same time, the detail information of this recruitment activity was also introduced emphatically, such as the collection and ion of CV, interview and other recruitment processes. Finally, Mr. Shi, the Manager of Administration and HR Department, introduced the compensation and welfare and rest and vacation, labor contract and other issues closely related to the employees, which was also the most important issues for students. The atmosphere of this Recruitment Talk reached to the peak under the interaction between the enterprise and students when the students proposed questions positively with enthusiasm and the MLD leaders answered them one by one.   The total quantity of current year's graduates hired by 2017 Tour Campus Recruitment Talk has been up to 200, involving in the machine design, material molding, review materials, industrial engineering, polymeric materials and engineering, safety engineering, English and other related professions, who will be the fresh blood for the development of MLD, and the brilliant future with all MLD staff. President Tao Cheng came and introduced the company profile On the field of the recruitment fair